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题目: Internet of Things -Applications, Challenges and Benefits in Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare

时间: 20191115日(星期五)下午5:00-6:00

地点: 广州大学行政西楼前座四楼428会议室

报告人: Oana GEMAN 博士、副教授,罗马尼亚斯特凡赛尔马大学(Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava, Romania



Internet of Things (IoT) has many applications in the health domain including wearable support system to locate patients and doctors in the hospital, to detect adverse reaction to drugs, or the combination of sensors (Wifi). IoT is coming with useful things in the monitoring of vital functions of the body such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, cholesterol etc. Implantable wireless identifiers can be adapted to store health records of patient with chronic disease. IoT applications have a major impact on independent assisted living, support for aging people (things can send out regular alerts, e.g. for the sugar levels or blood pressure), and for rehabilitation. This allows IoT to become more powerful and takes a huge leap to analyze and distribute secure data that can turn into information, knowledge into the insider facts of life.



Oana GEMAN, is Associate Professor Habilitate in Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technologies at Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania. She is Medical Bioengineer, with Ph.D. in Electronics and Telecommunication, and a post-doctoral researcher in Computer Science. She has published six books, and six book chapters, has published over 55 ISI articles with an IF over 25. She has been a director or a member in 10 national and international grants. Her current research interests include: non-invasive measurements of biomedical signals, IoT and wireless sensors, signal processing, and processing information by way of Artificial Intelligence such as nonlinear dynamics analysis, stochastic networks and neuro-fuzzy methods, classification and prediction, Data-Mining, Deep Learning, Intelligent Systems, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics and Biomedical Applications.

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